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Breeza Bath and Body is an online business offering bath and body products.

Each product is Handmade for You! Each product line has been designed according to customer’s requests. The products are made to add a little “spice” in your life.

The Product line is a large selection of handmade bath and beauty products. Each product is handmade or hand blended, and hand poured or molded. Although we use item such as mixers and blenders, the product manufacturing process is very similar to cooking and baking at home.

Much like home cooking, many products are made using basic food ingredients such as vegetable oils, plant butters such as cocoa butter, salt, sugar, baking soda, cocoa, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. Some products use a basic blend of products for their simplistic beauty. While other products use a more complex blend of ingredients that yield our unique line of products. No two products or batches will ever be exactly the same. The color or scent may vary slightly, or an item may be slightly mal-shaped, this is the hallmark of the product line!